Why choose us

wotepamoja.com is a place for everyone whether you are 3D modelling lover, Architect, urban planner, engineer and construction personnel ; to learn, and to create. I offer high quality tutorials, reviews, resources, tips and tricks, videos and seminars around Tanzania. You will find plenty of information whether you are new to SketchUp, Revit Architecture, Autocad, and Lumion or if you can orbit around in any of those application like nobody’s business!

My name is Samson Magiri, I am an architect and Urban Planner, I live in Dar es Salaam, and I have been using these programs since 2012.  As Architect and Urban planner I had no choice other that use my limited time at the university to train myself to use these programs. I believe if it wasn’t for CAD I might have been working on the other field right now. I remember when I was doing my Bachelor degree I  hated  the school  architecture not because I was weak student but because I was very slow when it comes to prepare drawings by hand, I remember working for more than  three days without even look at my bed or even thinking about sleeping I hated that life back then infact life outside architecture field was not there.

I created wotepamoja.com to help everyday people, who want to work easily with any construction and design drawings , to learn how to use  CAD and BIM applications to its fullest potential. They are tools to ever make CAD and  3d modeling easy, and I want to help make it easier for anybody to learn how to use it.

So thanks for checking out this website, I truly appreciate any comments you leave on this site, or on my Facebook page. Or if you’d like, you can contact me directly at samson.magiri@gmail.com